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Pizza Bike Delivery Boy 1.165
You are a pizza bike delivery boy.Your goal is to deliver pizzas tothe client as fast and as hot as you can without letting them fallfrom the bike.If the delivery (pizza) will be cold, you willreceive a small tip, if you'll deliver it fast while it's stillhot, you will get a huge tip!As a pizza boy, you want to get apromotion in your job.To deliver pizzas and ride on bigger bikes& cars in cooler cities and worlds. The sky is the limit here,you can ride on a Jeep or make stunts on a Dirt Bike whiledelivering these pizza's in dirt roads !Features:* Ride on 7different vehicles (A Drone!!!, Dirt Bike, Scooter, Bicycle, Jeep,Lamborgini, Managers Scooter and there are more to come, evenhelicopters! so stay tuned).* Ride in 5 different worlds (You candeliver pizzas in California, Paris, Tel Aviv, Sahara Desert,Forest and many more to come).* Many interesting tracks for eachworld to make stunts and to ride and fly in.* Cool stuntachievements to achieve while riding and flying.* Cool vibrationseffects by Immersion.* Beautiful graphics by the best designers.*Realistic sound effects.* The game is based on a Physics engine -LiquidFun with real water physics (an extension of Box2D).How toplay:* Choose a bike or a drone* Choose a city* Right pedal toaccelerate and Left pedal for brake (to fly a drone you use onlythe joystick)* Front/Back Flips, AirTime/Wheelies/Stoppies trickswill give you a nice bonus!* Tilt right and left accordingly toavoid flipping the bike and spoiling the pizza, or to make tricks*Sell all your pizzas in the shortest amount of time.* Achievementsare shown on the loading screen, if you accomplish them, you willearn extra money.* This game supports external controllers, dpads& keyboards to control the bike or the drone.Screenshots arecaptured when funny things happen to you with the bike or drone,you can share these funny images easily on Facebook (you will berewarded for that!).Those who want to unlock and ride on new bikes,drones & cities faster, can click the "Get More Cash" buttonand earn more game money easily.
Subwoofer Bass Vibrator 2.8209
Do you want to add some depth to the music you listen on yourdevice ?Are you tired of the little tweeting speaker in the device?Do you want to feel the bass in the palm of your hand, same as youfeel it in a party inside your heart, while the music isplaying?This app will make your phone's vibrator act like asubwoofer,.your device will vibrate whenever bass comes from yourmusic ! (with cool speaker visualizer)It analyzes the music that isbeing played in the background,and triggers the vibrator accordingto a sophisticated FFT algorithm.That way you not only hear themusic, but also feel the bass vibrations like it's a mini subwooferspeaker.You have the ability to play with the equalizer. Bychanging the different equalizer bars you get different vibrationsresponse. (can be more clear when turning on the visualizer)Theequalizer does pretty much what the Frequency cutoff does in a realsubwoofer speaker.Ringtone Effect - vibrates the phone according tothe bass of your Ringtones and SMS notifications !Reviews:"This appliterally turns your phone’s vibrator into a subwoofer""App of the week" - GrupoLibre.netVisit our Facebookpage for more info andnews: to use:* Playsome music in the background (Music with deep bass isrecommended).* Launch the app.* Volume bar changes the volume ofthe bass response to the music (the power of the vibrator).* Tap onthe speaker to pop up the menu.* Equalizer changes the frequencyresponse of the vibrator. - EQ(Like in real subwoofer, you canchoose if the EQ reacts to low bass, higher bass or highest bass).*Red "LED's" are feedback locating system, each LED respond to itsown bass frequency.* Turn "Keep working in background" on ( I = on,0 = off ) to enable the bass effect even when the app is closed.*If the bass vibrations feels out of sync, go to Calibrate Timing,press the "Play!" button, and move the seek bar until the bassvibrations are synchronized with the noise.* To make the basseffect even stronger, put your device on a table while playingmusic with bass.* A visualizer can be turned on from the settingsmenu, that way you can visualize the effect and fine tune theresponse frequency with the EQ and the average settings.* You canunlock more skins and remove the ads by upgrading your basssubwoofer vibrator app.A fix to the devices that crash can be foundin the followinglink: many other apps that use the same visualizer libs andcrash)Immersion haptic API is implemented in this subwoofer bassvibrator app.The equalizer algorithm is implemented in native code!DISCLAIMERWe take no responsibility if the app is harming yourdevice in any way(but it shouldn't, the api's for the vibrator aremade by immersion, the vendor of android's vibration software).
Subwoofer Live 1.6
Subwoofer Live Wallpaper is a new kind of live wallpaper,this timeyour wallpaper will be a BIG SPEAKERthat bounces with the rhythm ofthe music, according to the bass !This app is an extension to theSubwoofer Vibrator app, that makes your phone bounce (by triggeringthe vibrator) to the music !This time it acts as a wallpaper, witha speaker and two drivers on it, a woofer and a tweeter.If you likeit, you are welcome to visit our facebook fanpage:
Tsunami Run - Rory Adventure 1.15
Rory is a cute little creature. His parents are taking a vacationto the Sahara desert.The weather begins to be stormy, rainy andvery rough. Rory begins to worry because it's his first time aloneat home.After a couple of hours a BIG tsunami wave is seen in thehorizon...Rory decides to take his tail and run as far as possiblefrom the tsunami, he is going to an adventure of finding hisparents. To achieve that, he have to keep running.As Rory don'tknow how to fly, he is going to use his sliding technique with hisflexible tail to run. The only way he can escape from the tsunamiwave is by running fast.This adventure game contains 5 differentworlds and 15 levels in each world to keep rory running from thebig tsunami wave.also nice intro scene is included with beautifulgraphics by the best designers .''I've already played this game,and all i could say is that the game is fun. it's very addicting.^^'' - anonymous poster from"With 75 differentlevels and fun, addictive gameplay, you may find yourselfbarricaded in your room playing Tsunami Run while downingchocolate, Doritos, and strawberry milk as your only sustenance fordays" - XDA Developers Portal.This is a nice and friendly AdventureRun - Style type of game.Rory is designed to be loved by littlekids, teenagers, grown-ups and even adults.The tsunami is behindyou !Run Rory, Run !Multiplayer mode is out ! Now you can press themultiplayer button and play the multiplayer mode with yourfriends.The multiplayer is still in beta stage, but i wanted toshare with you :)Plans for the future,* Store for new items you canbuy with coins* More cute creatures* More worlds* bugfixesRory is amain character of this game. It's an lovely cute creature with atail and small funny wings, which is trying to escape from thetsunami waves in his adventure and find his parents.You need topractice and mastering the technique of running by sliding up anddown. jump and fly until gravity brings you back to the groundhills.Install, Play and Enjoy Rory's running adventure !
Drone Delivery Pilot 1.06
Welcome to Drone Delivery Pilot.Your mission is to pilot a flyingdrone, and move objects with its arm to their correct place withoutbreaking them.for example, rescue a lost pizza delivery boy, throwtrash into a garbage can, deliver boxes into their positions, andmany more.The more you play, the more you master the technique topilot a delivery drone, thats because the physics are veryrealistic (like a real quadcopter drone).Unlock new drones, newlevels and new worlds to fly in them.Fly carefully, and notice,flying drones are very addictive and loads of fun (and it gets youa new piloting skill ;) )Drone Delivery Pilot Features:- 4 worlds(and more to come!)- 9 levels for each world- 3 different deliverydrones (and many more to come soon!)- fun vibration effects byimmersion- great music, sfx and graphics- a store, to buy in gamemoney (for the guys that want to pilot all the drones in all theworlds right away!)
Emoji Collage 1.0
Have you ever tried to make a collage by yourself ?It can take forever !With Emoji Collage you can make your own collage in notime.How to make the collage is simple:1. Choose your Patches (your"building blocks") it can be Twitter Emoji's, Emoji One, Faces fromyour images in the phone or just photos from your gallery.2. Choosethe scattering algorithm (its just the way the "building blocks"are scattered).3. Choose the size of the output image4. Choose aphoto from your gallery5. SHARE :)
Wind Forecast Widget 1.01
Waiting for a windy day and tired of refreshing ?Ormaybe you lost your internet connection for a moment, and you mustcheck the wind forecast ?Install this little (unofficial) widget,it will show an updated forecast of your favorite spot according !(and of course your favorite forecast model - GFS27km, WRF 9km, WRF 27km and rest of Windguru's models)What you haveto do:1. Download & Install the widget.2. Put the widget on thescreen like any other android widget (look for "Windguru Widget" inthe widgets list).3. You might be asked to allow permission ofdrawing on the screen. This is needed in order to load Windguru inthe background and update the widget.4. Click on your new coolwidget to configure it.5. Choose your spot in the built inbrowser.6. Choose your forecast model from that spot.7. Clickok.Now all you have left to do is to wait for your windy day :)Madewith love,without Ads,and totally free.Have fun guys.One limitation- you can put only one instance of that widget on your screen, ifyou put more then they will all show the same info, sorry aboutthat :(
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