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Tiny Defense 1.0.6
DH Games
Toys are going insane! Affected by mystic portal, lots of toys lostthemselves and attacked several communities. And you, commander ofthe M.S.I.T.A. (Mighty Super Iron Toy Army), need to swipe themout, saving the world and restore order and peace!> Tiny Toys,Great Warfare!> Tons of power-ups ---- build your own army!>Over 100 challenges to go!> Machine gun, Cannon, Laser, Rocket---- Kick-ass Weapons!> Spider mine, Power battery, Deathimpulse, Nano-repair ---- Air raid, EMP, Shield, and more! >“Never toy with the Toy Army!” -------the M.S.I.T.A.
Galaxy Defense 1.2.3
DH Games
Mystic droid army invaded our planet. As a commander, you need tohold the last line of defense. Now, all forces are waiting for yourorders! Place towers in perfect defense formation and let’s swipethem out!> Raid in the Galaxy! Fight the Droids Force!> 36power-ups ---- build your own army!> From earth to deep space---- 80+ challenges to go!> Machine gun, Cannon, Laser, Rocket---- On your mark!> Spider mine, Power chip, Death impulse ----Air raid, EMP, Shield, and more!> Ultra high quality graphics& gorgeous Sounds!
Treasure Defense
DH Games
Treasure Defense: A brand new take on strategic tower defensegames, and endless fun!Can you save Atlantis from falling into thesea? Join millions of players already playing Treasure Defense, atruly Epic Strategy Game set in the Ancient Lost City of Atlantis.Construct your Defenses and call upon the Power of the Gods to saveyour city from clans of invaders. Treasure Defense offers a BrandNew take on strategic Tower Defense games, and endlessfun!HIGHLIGHTS:- Days and days of game play (90 levels!)- Buildyour city into an impenetrable stronghold with over 27 types ofdefense towers!- Call upon the power of Ancient Gods like Poseidon,Hades, and Vulcan to defend your city from clans of invaders. -Adapt your strategy to repel over 30 different types of enemiesWillAtlantis prevail and live on as the greatest city in history? Orwill it fail and sink into the sea, forgotten forever? Only you candecide. Build defense towers, seek favor from the gods, and prepareto clash against clans of invaders, hades-bent on stealing yourkingdom’s magic gems!GAME FEATURES:1) 2-Way DefenseClans of enemycombatants will attempt to raid your towns and reach your gems. Ifthey make it, they will try to make it out gem-in-hand. Now youmust defend your walls from both invaders and escapees!2) EnemyStructuresYou’re not the only one with defense towers. The enemyclans have taken hold of structures within your realm. If you allowthem to remain they will assist the enemy, but if you expend yourall your resources to retake them, you will be defense-less3) Clashin the Dark!An exciting challenge for advanced players, repelattacks at night. Areas enveloped in darkness cannot be built on.Can you defend your city in the dark? 4) Ancient Epic Gods Employthe help of ancient gods as you clash against swarms of enemies:Poseidon of the sea, Hades of the underworld, and Vulcan of fire.Increase your gods’ abilities as you progress.
Castle Defense 2 3.2.2
DH Games
A new era of war has arrived. The sequel to the original tower defense game with over 10,000,000 players worldwide: Castle Defense 2. SummaryYearsago, the kingdoms of man were put to the test in a war that lasteddecades. Only with the aid of powerful heroes, ancient magic, andthe cunning strategy of great leaders, was mankind able to defenditself and repel the orcish onslaught.Peace ensued, but notforever. Scouts reports that demon power is rising at the edge ofour Kingdom. The orcs have seized vast wilderness that was once ourhunting grounds. Somewhere in the wilderness,the evil ones haveopened a portal to the nether-realm, and are amassing armies ofunspeakable horrors.Great heroes, wherever you are. Your empresshas summoned you! Now is the time to defend our realm before it'slost to bloodthirsty demons forever. Join us in our war againstevil. A new era of war has arrived. Tower defensemasterpiece--Castle Defense 2--is sweeping the tower defense world.By combining traditional tower defense game play with RPG elementsand all new Battle Pets, Castle Defense 2 has created a fusion ofstrategies and a whole new kind of tower defense experience.Resist waves of enemies by combining strategic placement of defense towers as well as utilizing the skills of powerful heroes. Noble knights, magic wizards, dragon riders and more are all at your command.  GameFeatures【NEW TYPES OF TOWERS】★ Floating Fortress, Super Fort, SteamPlant, Alchemist's Laboratory, and more magical towers!【HEROES】★Berserker from the Volcano, A Mysterious Female Assassin, The Mageof the Woods. Each with unique equipment and particular skills. Youcommand the heroes to help defend where towers aren't enough.【ABILITIES】★ Upgrade talents along the path you choose, adding aunique blend of RPG strategy to the game. 【BATTLE PETS】★ Fightalongside your heroes in the long war ahead, your magical BattlePets can be the difference between victory or defeat!【DIABOLICALBOSSES】★ Giant and Horrific Golem, The Evil Warlock who can rip thefabric of space-time,The Wurm with an ancient hunger, and spritelyhidden goblins!【TO BATTLE】★ Choose wisely, place your towersstrategically or be overrun the enemy![Campaign Mode] : Fight yourway page by page through your own story[Endless Mod] : Face waveafter wave of monsters. Defeat is inevitable, but how long can youlast?[Expedition Mode] : 15 new stages, each different than beforewith new .unexpected challenges![Boss Rush] : join players acrossthe world to defeat the World Boss! Participate in the world'slargest online battle! [PVP Arena] : Pit your forces againstanother player in PVP mode. Battle for glory and honor (and honorpoints!) Comprehensive beginners guide makes you a capable leaderin no time.★TIP: This game is hella fun! ★Don't need to be onlineto play!Any questions, please feel free to contact us:Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/CastleDefense2Email:[email protected]
Dungeon Rush 1.14.0
DH Games
Featured by Google Play in 100+ countries !!!Join millions ofplayers worldwide in Dungeon Rush, the unique IDLE RPG!! Collectlegendary heroes, form a battle-hardened team, fight with otherplayers, and accomplish legendary achievements. You can also form aguild with other players to rule the Dungeon Rush universe!Deep inancient ruins, your heroes must explore dark dungeons, defeatterrible monsters, and battle for glory in the arena! Once you’veunlocked a dungeon, it’s ripe for the reaping with Dungeon Rush’sAuto Farming feature. Set your heroes to work clearing out thedungeon and they will rush in and battle through gainingexperience, gold, and items along the way. You don’t even have tobe in the game to win the rewards of your heroes’ autofarming!Features: 1. Idle Game: Auto Farm in the backgroundwhile you’re free to do other things. Check back later to collectyour new equipment and see your heroes’ progress.2. Explore darkdungeons, collect powerful heroes, challenge other players in thearena to win riches abound. At the end of each season you canreceive a unique rare hero!3. Over 200 different heroes of 6different types to add to your team. 4. Randomly generatedequipment and items so that you never get the same things. Collecta valuable inventory!5. Create your own guild, and team up withother guild members to challenge the powerful guild boss as well asother competitions to see who will be the masters of the floatingisland.Contact us:Email: [email protected]:http://www.facebook.com/DungeonRush
Kingdom in Chaos 1.0.5
DH Games
keywords: RPG, Real time, Kingdom, ChaosA magical RPG world ofadventure awaits you. You will meet heroes and goblins, friends andfoes! But you won’t be alone, as you walk this path you shallgather a powerful team by your side. Only together can you defeatthe evil that has overtaken your kingdom! But it won’t be easy,countless bloodthirsty monsters await. Demons, cyclops, the desertsand worm, undead pirranna plants and worse. When Castellan sentforth his blue-eyed boy Eric to lead the king’s guard to theborderlands, he thought it was just a routine goblin-slayingmission. But with an ambush of black magic, the evil Warlock Timorsaw that the mission was over before it began. When Eric awoke, hefound the entire king’s guard had been killed, and the kingdom wasin chaos. You -Eric- are the only one who can restore the kingdom.This game is an RPG with a cool Real Time battle system!MOVE: Dragfrom your hero to the placeATTACK: Drag from the hero to themonsterSKILLS & MAGIC: Tap your hero then choose theskillFEATURES: * Collect heroes and add them to your party, usetheir unique skills in Real Time battle* Over 80 types ofmonsters—-from goblin to dragon—each requiring a differenttechnique and strategy to defeat* Vast landscape to explore withvivid scenery. * Hero creation via Hero Wake with hundreds ofskills to learn. * Over 500 pieces of equipment to gather &equip.* Social RPG! Share your achievements and reap the rewards ofplaying alongside with your friends! HERO TYPES:Soldier — A meleewarrior, powerful offense and defenseHoly Knight - Masterful withthe shield and empowered by holy spells of protection.Berserker - Abloodlusted warrior with powerful offensive skillsPriest - A healerwho can revive fallen comradesBishop - Can bless his allies andstrengthen them in battleWizard - A trainee in the art of magic,the wizard can conjure powerful spellsDark Wizard - Uses blackmagic to land destruction upon his enemiesBattle Wizard - The onlyhero known to teleport, he goes where he is neededRobber - A youngcriminal turned good, his abilities should not be underestimated.Kingdom in Chaos is a immersive RPG with a fun real time battlesystem you can pick-up and play any time!
Avengers Battle:Hero Saga 1.9.82
DH Games
Avengers Battle:Hero SagaIn 2016, the absolute blast, a well-received RPG masterpiece isNOW on Google Play!Start a brand new journey in the world of "Avengers Battle:HeroSaga" to accomplish your greatest mission of saving a brokencontinent.Advancing! Trip with million players in a Tech and Magic world, bybuilding a powerful heroes team, fight against Evil Lord Hiro withwisdom and skilled operation.Feature 1: Tons of heroes, Flexible way of battleCharacteristic heroes are divided into three different factions,thereby flexible strategies for different battles could be bestrealized. Players can operate their heroes moving, attacking andcasting with freedom. A proper operation will make your game easierand more fun!Feature 2: Variety of PVE, Share an AdventureVarious PVE battles, abundant hero-match strategies. Moreover, amystic Adventure triggered in Campaign, which can be shared withfriends to explore for the final treasure chest.Feature 3: Resource mining, Free trading between playersSend your heroes for mining, develop specific tech traits toincrease the output of a certain resource. Trading the extra oneswith other player to collect money for ores in need. This freeeconomic system bring the game many possibilities. Maybe you, wouldbe the next business tycoon!Feature 4: Team up for trials, Occupy new territories.You can test your power in Arena, team your friends up toexplore the Abyss, as well as make new territorial gains with guildmates. All in all, countless well-designed gameplay is waiting foryou to experience!Feature 5: Instant feedback system, Response in a shorttime.You can submit a feedback by means of the GM feature in game,our support team are all ready for providing help. It would be muchappreciated that you could submit the detailed info of your problemor, in case of some bug report, a screenshot could be much helpfulfor us to address the problem, you may need to contact us at oursupport email "[email protected]", attaching the screenshotalong with your Player Info. Thanks!
Siege Raid 1.4.0
DH Games
★★Siege Raid is a fascinating real-time globalstrategic battle mobile game!★★Siege Raid is simple and easy to play, you can play with differenttribes, engage in real-time strategy, card collection and talentupgrade, it contains a wealth of stimulating strategic experiencesfor you! Come and play Siege Raid for free!Choose your tribe, develop strategies, allocate cards, form astrong army with your tribe and Raid the enemy’s territory! Competewith millions of players around the world and attain glory!★Various tribe cards, in-depth strategy!★Orc Raiders, Elf Archers and Humanoid Giants, these are the 3 maintribes. Collect powerful cards to build your hero troops. Summonwarriors to duel and cast powerful spells that will change thecourse of battle and let you claim victory.★Battle players from all over the world in real time, it’s a fairduel!★Start epic battles against players from all over the world, useyour wisdom and skill to destroy the opponent’s castle, collect warspoils and win glory in the world ranking!★Dungeon mode, multiple stages, the champion’s ambition neverends!★You can have fun in single dungeon mode, challenge 3 differentdifficulties and win huge rewards!★Allocate talent sensibly to become the ultimate king!★Don’t stop strengthening your castle, allocate your talentrationally so that you can become invincible in the Siege Raidglobal arena!★Daily challenge missions, rich rewards!★Everyday there are many challenging missions in Siege Raid, everysingle minute and every single second these war missions bring youendless experience! After completing these missions you will obtainmany rewards which will let you become a deity among players!Contact us:Email: [email protected]: http://www.facebook.com/SiegeRaid
Toys Defense: Horror Land 1.2.2
DH Games
Toys Defense: Horror Land is a creative leisure strategy game youwill find hard to put down! Simple gameplay in a cute and clearstyle plus an unprecedented tower combination mechanism ensuresrich strategies and a thrilling experience! Come and try this freegame!The alien bosses are coming! Put your towers at the rightpositions to build a fire defense network and defeat the invadingaliens! Time to create your own unique defense line!★Super QuickRhythm Brings A Super Thrilling Experience★Quick battles andfull-screen attack mode will be a challenge for yourfingers.★Flexible Tower Combination Ensures VariousStrategies★Unlock powerful towers to build your own defense line.Use the different terrain to create a perfect fire net!★DefeatSuper Bosses and Face Different Challenges★Challenging interestingbosses and changing monsters combinations will grant great rewards!★ Dozens of Stages Bring Various Experiences★So many stages andstyles that will let you feel varying difficulties. Challenge thosesuper hard game missions!★A Refreshing Style and Super CuteCharacters★The leisurely gameplay and cute design make thechallenge even more leisurely and full of fun ★You don’t want tomiss it!★